Unleash the Pawcasso in your pet!

Andrea takes her time to get to know each and every one of her clients and almost all of them remember her when they see each other again and almost always greet her with kisses! Andrea makes house calls for those furry family members that are timid or fearful of going out in public due to over-stimulation. Andrea reads body language and really gets to know your fur baby before working with them with the paints. This builds a relationship with love and trust between the two and eases your mind as a pet parent that they will be relaxed and at ease.

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Families Helped

Paws Dipped

Flower memories Created

Happy Clients

Such Beautiful work!

~ Lynne Thompson

WOW! Beautiful work!

~ Susan Brown

Such lovely work

~ Kim Fachet De Araujo

Beautiful work. I love the look on Pongo’s face in the Pictures!

~ Liz Martin

Such beautiful work!

~ Cheryl Schneider

I absolutely love what you do! Thank you!

~ Misty Valenta

What an awesome picture, Maggie looks so proud!

~ Richard Kropp

Baron’s artwork turned out so beautiful!

~ Isabel Beltran

So proud of my Louie Kablooey! I want to hang it on my fridge!

~ Miranda Pace

I am so glad we had Sandy’s paw prints done with Pawsome Blossoms. We lost her suddenly and it’s such a beautiful way to remember her!

~ Debbie Heikens

Best gift ever! Thank you.

~ Chris Veit

Your work is such a beautiful way to remember your pet even after they leave us.

~ Averi

WCRAS Appreciation event
Doghouse drinkery 7/21/18
Playing with Pongo at WCRAS
Bright paw- party

In order to keep a true perspective of one’s importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him.

– Dereke Bruce

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Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter!

The Objectives in creating a regional animal shelter include:
  • increasing pet adoptions and lost pet claims
  • emphasizing humane care for lost, unwanted, or displaced pets
  • assisting animal control public safety efforts by providing a safe haven for strays and secure area for dangerous animals
  • reducing the costs to each participating entity through a shared regional facility
The Goals of the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter are:
  • Assess the need for services, determine the costs of providing them, and request the needed funding.
  • Plan and utilize available resources to maximize short and long-range effectiveness in working toward other goals.
  • Provide desirable and challenging employment opportunities to attract, retain, motivate, and develop personnel necessary to fulfill planned work activities.
  • Comply with all legal requirements and manage the shelter to prevent unnecessary exposure to legal actions and allegations of impropriety against the shelter, its partners, or the employees.
  • Encourage professionalism among shelter personnel in their performance and strive for a positive relationship between the shelter and the community.
  • To be an advocate for the unwanted, lost, or abandoned pets and to provide a humane, safe environment for the housing of these animals.
  • To find loving permanent homes for the adoptable animals that are brought to our shelter.
  • To relieve the pain and suffering of animals in a humane, compassionate environment.
  • To enforce and comply with the state laws and local ordinances pertaining to the animals in the County and the participating cities.
  • Respond to all reasonable needs for assistance in a timely manner, whether such needs are requested or observed.
  • To cooperate with other agencies to accomplish mutual goals.
  • Reduce the number of stray and abandoned animals by encouraging responsible pet ownership with emphasis on spaying or neutering, identification, and vaccination.
  • To identify those animals with illnesses, injuries, or behavioral issues that can be rehabilitated and adopted into permanent, loving homes.

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